Probate and Estate Administration Services


Until comparatively recently probate and estate administration has been a service reserved for solicitors and the legal departments of the major bank. Only they were able to legally manage someone's estate.

A major review of our legal system in England led to a widening of the pool of professionals able to undertake this work.

Approved accountants now have not only the knowledge but the legal authority to offer probate services.

As licensed practitioners for probate related work and specialists in all aspects of taxation, accounts preparation and estate planning, Clear Accountancy and Tax are well placed to take care of your probate and estate administration duties.

There are so many things to deal with when a loved one passes away. Lighten the burden, by instructing us to carry out the administration of the estate for you, whether it entails applying for probate or letters of administration, paying inheritance tax, arranging for the sale of property, paying beneficiaries, ascertaining details of assets etc. We are here to help, providing as much or as little support as you need to get things done.

We offer you an alternative to instructing a solicitor. Accountants are in a good position to carry out this type of work in view of their professionalism and tax expertise.

The cost will be based on the actions that need to be taken and the complexities of the estate, rather than the value of the estate. This will, almost invariably, result in a considerable saving from the most common basis of fee charging.

If you already use us for your accountancy needs, then it makes sense to instruct us in relation to estate administration and keep your affairs in one place. Even if you are not already a client of ours, we shall be pleased to assist you at such a difficult time.

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